Hydroxycut Hardcore

Hydroxycut HardcoreThe only thing that separates a good diet pill from a bad one is the formula. Hydroxycut Hardcore has a formula that the manufacturers believe is very effective. But it that true?

To find the answer, I compared Hydroxycut Hardcore to Apidexin. Apidexin is the top-rated diet pill because it has an exceptional formula. If Hydroxycut Hardcore has the same high-quality and powerful quantities that Apidexin has, it could easily be one of the more effective diet pills on the market.

Ingredients in Hydroxycut Hardcore

The main ingredients in Hydroxycut Hardcore are:

Caffeine Anhydrous – This is the most popular stimulant that you’ll see used in diet pills. It has been clinically proven to burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy levels. Experts say that 200-300 mg of caffeine a day is a safe dose that will help you lose weight. Any more than that and you’ll start experiencing negative side effects.
Alchemilla Vulgaris, Olea Europaea, Cuminum Cyminum, and Mentha Longifolia – A study on these ingredients showed that when combined they can suppress appetite and boost the rate of fat metabolism. A specific dose must be used in order for results to be possible.
Capsicum Annuum – Derived from Cayenne Peppers, this ingredient raises body temperature, which causes your body to burn fat faster.

The Facts About Hydroxycut Hardcore

It is essential that the ingredients of Hydroxycut Hardcore are used in specific doses. Unfortunately, the doses are hidden under a proprietary blend. This raises several problems. First, I can’t confirm that the right doses are being used. If they aren’t, Hydroxycut Hardcore won’t be very effective. Second, there is a chance that you could get more than 300 mg of caffeine if you take the recommended 6 pills a day. If you do, Hydroxycut Hardcore could cause side effects.

Out of 180 customer reviews, Hydroxycut Hardcore received a rate of 7.9 out of 10. That is a good rating, which puts Hydroxycut Hardcore above average diet pills. But the rating isn’t enough to make Hydroxycut Hardcore one of the top-rated diet pills.

Cost & Guarantee

The lowest price I found online for Hydroxycut Hardcore is around $19. Because this product is no longer sold on the official Hydroxycut website, you won’t be able to get a money back guarantee from the manufacturers. Unofficial retailers don’t usually offer money back guarantees. In short, if you don’t like Hydroxycut Hardcore, you’re stuck.

Educated Opinion

Hydroxycut Hardcore does use some good ingredients, but I am concerned about the doses that have been used. Are they safe? Are they effective? I don’t have the answers to these important questions. Based on customer ratings, I’m inclined to think that the doses Hydroxycut Hardcore either aren’t very effective or aren’t very safe.

Apidexin is a better option than Hydroxycut Hardcore on almost every level. It has clinically proven ingredients in clinically proven doses. It receives higher ratings from customer than most diet pills on the market too. Apidexin is affordable and it comes with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee when you purchase it from the official website.

I think Apidexin is one of the most effective diet pills and you probably won’t be disappointed with it.

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